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A person celebrating his 30th birthday has just climbed over the hill to bid goodbye to the carefree wildness of the 20s and embrace new responsibilities in life.

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The gut might be a little bigger and the hair might be a little less, but the sense of humor is alive and kicking.Shop over the hill gift t-shirts created by independent artists from around the globe.

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Check out our selection of hilarious gifts and surprise your favorite elder today.It also seems they forget they need help or perhaps who or where they are.When you reach a certain age, your balls may be too far down to see, let alone reach.

You can make a retirement party more fun by adding a few funny gag gifts to the party.

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People have been considered over the hill at various ages throughout history.Gag gifts are fun to give, but most of the time, gag gifts can be overused and boring.

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There is no specific age, although research suggests one is cognitively over the hill at 24.In any of these cases, blow the Whistle that hangs from your neck and people will come to your aid.

Try out the snot nose keychain that looks like boogers are coming out of the nose.

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Often the baskets have a funeral theme, poking fun of getting older.Social media is so packed with selfies, people start to just scroll past them.

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These hilarious novelty gifts will have the person who receives them rolling on the floor.The perfect way to get the party started and ring in the laughs.

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Make sure that nothing you give will offend the gift recipient or family members before choosing a gag gift.Thank you, hello, or I love you, custom greeting cards are thoughtful gifts that are always the perfect way to express yourself.

Their minds will be blown when you give them this blow-up cane gag gift as support for their aching bones.Good gag gifts for over the hill people would be band t-shirts, converses, tickets to hard rock bands, adult diapers.We also make sure you are covered for a 90th or 100th birthday.Over The Hill Golf Tees If you know a golfer that is getting a bit long in the tooth, get them long in the tee, too.

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